Denver, Colorado Is A Great Home Base For An Epic Vacation

Denver, Colorado is a great home base if you are looking for a place to center an epic vacation around. The Mile High City is a major urban center with all the comforts and conveniences you would expect from a large American city, be it houses you can rent, first-rate hotels, rental cars, and delivery Chinese. Full of its own entertainment, breweries, museums, and clubs, Denver offers all kinds of sporting events each season. You can catch MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL action here if you like any of them.

The real fun and adventures lie outside the city. Pikes Peak is nearby and a fun day trip. Ride the incline railroad to the top for astounding views, or visit the campus of the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs to see unique architecture set against scenic valleys.

Interstate 70 can take you west into the Rocky Mountains. The skiing havens of Vail, Aspen, and other famous slopes and resort towns are not too far away. Three hours of driving take you to Glenwood Springs and the hot saltwater baths there. Further into the mountains lets you visit Pueblo ruins, deep canyons, and high-elevation lakes.

Closer back to Denver sits the Garden of the Gods, a unique array of rock formations. Visit late afternoon or near dusk for an interesting view as the sun drops and creates shadows like you’ll never see elsewhere.

For an interesting contrast to your time in the mountains, head east a little on I70 to see the Great Plains. There are far fewer tourist attractions, but it’s a chance to see this region. One of the most interesting facets of Denver, Colorado to visitors is the fact that it’s a place where the Great Plains just stop as the ground launches into the sky with tall mountains, as there are not many foothills in between.

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